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One of our most important roles as pet parents is keeping our animal family members happy and healthy for as many years as possible. Because companion animals have much shorter life spans than we do, it’s critical that we stay mindful of their ongoing health so that we can take the appropriate measures to both prevent illness whenever possible and detect it in its earliest stages. The more proactive we are about your pet’s wellbeing, the better the chances that he or she will enjoy a long, healthy life by your side.

This all begins with a commitment to wellness care. Ocean Shores Animal Hospital offers comprehensive wellness services for dogs and cats of all ages.

Wellness Care is Two-Fold

Routine wellness care serves two main purposes. First, it provides us with the opportunity to protect your pet against many of the dangers and risks that he or she will encounter over the years. It also lets us take a more proactive approach to keeping your pet healthy and fit over time. We do this through certain preventative measures, including vaccinations, parasite control, and nutrition and weight management. The stronger and healthier your pet is, the less likely he or she will be to develop medical problems along the way.

The second component of wellness care is the chance it provides our doctors to monitor your pet’s ongoing health over time. By examining your pet every year, we are able to develop a clear and accurate picture of his or her health status. That way, if and when a change to that status occurs, we can catch it and address it right away – before it has the chance to develop into something more serious. Early detection of disease can vastly improve the length and quality of your pet’s life.

What is a wellness visit like?

Similar to the annual checkups humans have with their own doctors, wellness visits involve a thorough evaluation of your pet’s current condition. During a visit, the vet will conduct a comprehensive “nose to tail” physical exam, checking your pet’s entire body to make sure everything is functioning just as it should be. We’ll administer any necessary vaccinations, check your pet’s weight and ask you some questions to gain perspective on your loved one’s lifestyle at home. All of our wellness visits are customized to each individual patient, so you can be confident that your pet will receive the precise care he or she needs, every time.

Our pet services:

Pawsome Deals

Pawsome Deals

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Getting to Know You…

As an added benefit, wellness visits provide the perfect chance for all of us at Ocean Shores Animal Hospital to get to know you and your pet better. We firmly believe that the more your loved one comes to know and trust us, the higher quality of care we will be able to deliver. Wellness visits are also a great way for you to get involved in your pet’s health care. We encourage you to ask questions, bring up your concerns and tap in to us as a valuable resource for you. That’s how lifelong partnerships are formed!

Give us a call today to schedule a wellness exam and let’s work together to help your precious furbaby live his or her best possible life!

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