Dr. Steele and her dog Karoo to Walk 100 Miles to Promote Animal Charities and Seniors

Dr. Steele and Karoo walk 100 miles for charity

Dr. Stacy Steele and her faithful pal Karoo will walk 100 miles to prove that getting older does NOT mean you need to slow down! While they’re at it, they’re “kicking trail” and raising funds for two very special animal charities: World Vets and Old Dog Haven. World Vets provides international medical aid for animals, and Old Dog Haven finds retirement homes for senior dogs. Both are near and dear to the hearts of Karoo and his mama, since he’s gotten at least one “sister” pup from each!

It’s been a few years since the last 100 mile walk

It’s been awhile since Dr. Steele and Karoo’s last 100 mile walk. This walk is to bring awareness that getting older does NOT mean that you have to slow down. They’ve picked out several hiking trails around the Coeur de’Alene area, and they’ll spend a week in June covering those miles.

Why are they walking?

Besides raising funds for animal charities, the pair of hikers have something to prove. At the Ocean Shores Animal Hospital, Dr. Steele sees many dogs and cats getting older, and it makes her sad to see families give up on pets’ health just because they’re 9 or 10 years old. She says, “Just like we have active senior people (and we all know a few) there is just as much chance for our furkids to stay active and healthy as they get older too. I want everyone to know that a 9 year old dog and his fifty-something momma can still kick some trail!” Karoo didn’t say anything, either because he doesn’t believe he’s a senior yet, or because he’s a dog. Or both.

Follow their progress and consider donating

Karoo might not talk, but he’s quite the blogger! Follow along on their adventures at the Karoo’s 100 Mile Walk Blog from June 7-14, 2015!

Want to chip in? Drop off your donation at the Ocean Shores Animal Hospital or click the link on Karoo’s Blog!


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