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At Ocean Shores Animal Hospital, we know the ins and outs of pet surgery. It’s something that we deal with just about every day. We also recognize, however, that for you and your pet, it’s not something very common. Because of this, you probably have a lot of questions and more than a few serious concerns. How will we manage your pet’s pain? Will there be complications? What should you expect?

We want to place your mind at ease, answer your questions and quell your concerns once and for all so that you can feel confident leaving your pet in the capable hands of our experienced surgical team.

What to expect before my pet has surgery

Prior to performing any surgical procedure on your pet, we always recommend pre-surgical blood screening. These simple tests provide insight into your pet’s unique risk factors so that we may prepare for them ahead of time. The more we plan in advance, the better the chances of your pet’s surgery going smoothly and without incident. A safe, successful procedure is always our ultimate goal.

Once we’ve determined that your pet is healthy enough for surgery, we will start the process of developing a customized pain management plan. Keeping our patients as comfortable and pain-free as possible is something we take very seriously at Ocean Shores Animal Hospital. That’s why we use only the safest, most effective anesthetic products available and tailor our approach to each individual patient for optimum results.

What to expect on my pet’s surgery day

When the time comes to bring your pet in for his or her surgical procedure, we will be there bright and early to greet you both and get your loved one settled in. A member of our support staff will assist you with filling out any necessary paperwork and will answer any last minute questions you may have about the procedure or surgical process. Meanwhile, a dedicated team member will spend some quality time with your pet, offering cuddles and comfort as he or she becomes acclimated to the surroundings.

Shortly before surgery is scheduled to begin, we will start the process of preparing your pet for the procedure. This involves administering pain medication and getting all of our monitoring equipment ready. When your pet has been safely sedated, surgery will begin. The vet will work with precision and care, while one or more of our experienced technicians will continue to keep a close eye on your companion’s well-being at all times.

What to expect after my pet’s surgical procedure

When your pet’s surgery has been completed, we will carefully relocate them to our quiet recovery area, where monitoring will continue as the anesthesia begins to wear off. Your pet will awake to the familiar faces and gentle, soothing voices of our dedicated care team. During this time, someone from our staff will reach out to you via phone to explain how the procedure went and to arrange a pick up time. When you arrive, we will go over our post-surgical care instructions, including an appropriate plan for managing your pet’s pain during his or her recovery process.

If you’d like, we would also be happy to discuss some additional services that we offer which could help make the recovery process a little faster and less painful for your pet. These services, such as laser therapy and acupuncture, can help get your loved one back to his or her normal, active lifestyle faster than simply allowing them to heal on their own.

After you’ve returned home with your pet post-surgery, should any questions or concerns come to mind, please feel free to give us a call. We’re happy to help!

If you just learned that your pet needs surgery and you’re feeling a little apprehensive, we’d love to set your mind at ease. Whether it’s a simple, routine procedure or something more complex, rest assured that we will do everything within our power to make your pet’s surgery a positive experience for everyone!

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