Nutrition & weight management plans customized for your unique pet

Your pet’s diet and activity level play a direct role in how long and healthy a life he or she will lead. Yet, with literally hundreds of different pet foods to choose from, and little reliable information available about proper weight control, many pet parents find this aspect of their companions’ health care downright confusing.

What you need is the guidance of someone experienced. A professional who understands the complexities of companion animal nutrition and can point you and your four legged friend on the right path toward optimum health. The team at Ocean Shores Animal Hospital is up to the task with our professional pet nutrition and weight management services. We can develop the perfect plan to help bring out the very best in your best friend!

Pet nutrition – defining your pet’s unique needs

The process begins with a detailed nutritional analysis to help us define your pet’s unique needs. We do this by conducting a thorough physical exam, evaluating your companion’s lifestyle, and considering such important factors as breed, age, weight and current health status. The information we gather through this process will help us to determine what type of food, as well as the amount and number of meals per day, will best support your pet’s optimum well-being.

The importance of weight management in pets

Next, we’ll move on to the important topic of weight management. Many pet owners don’t realize that even just a few extra pounds can make a companion animal more susceptible to serious illness, such as diabetes. Conversely, pets that don’t weigh enough can be at a greater risk of becoming sick or injured. Using our health and lifestyle evaluation, we will identify a weight range that would be ideal for your four legged friend, and then come up with a plan to achieve and maintain that healthy weight.

Maintaining your pet’s nutrition and weight through all life stages

Finally, although equally as important, we must take the appropriate measures to maintain the success we’re achieving over time. This means re-evaluating your pet at certain intervals during his or her lifetime, and making any necessary adjustments to our approach as needed. As pets age, their health care needs naturally change. We will make sure that throughout your loved one’s entire life, we remain mindful of his or her nutrition and weight control needs so that we continue to achieve positive results.

You want to keep your furry friend around for as many happy, healthy years as possible. At Ocean Shores Animal Hospital, we share that very same goal. Let us develop a customized diet and exercise plan that will help your loved one stay fit and well for life!

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Pawsome Deals

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