Meet Shannon

Veterinary Assistant & Assistant Manager

Shannon came to Ocean Shores Animal Hospital in 2015 after moving to the beach to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. She had to give up her job as a hospital and boarding attendant at Northwest Animal Care Hospital in Everett, WA in order to move to the beach, so she was thrilled when a position opened at the Ocean Shores Animal Hospital!

Shannon shares her home with her husband Matt, who is a photographer, an orange rescue cat named Speed Bump, and a senior Pitbull cross named Edward, who was also rescued. Edward and Speed Bump are the best of friends, and enjoy accompanying Shannon and Matt on road trips in their camper van.

Besides her passion for animal health and welfare, Shannon loves drawing, painting, film-making, and music. She likes to head out to the beach as much as possible for beach-combing and kite flying.

Shannon’s favorite things about the veterinary field are comforting and caring for ill pets while on the road to recovery, and helping to educate people about animal health. She gets to help improve the lives of pets in the community in her role as Veterinary Assistant and Assistant Manager.

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