At Ocean Shores Animal Hospital, we consider it an honor to be advocates for those who cannot speak, yet who mean so much to us. Being able to see curious kittens or bumbling puppies grow into strong, healthy adults and mature into regal senior citizens – and joining the family that loves them along this amazing journey of pet parenting. Getting to watch as a shelter dog finally finds a forever home, and playing a role in keeping all of these precious creatures happy and healthy. That’s what it’s all about.

We deliver that care with a focus on each individual patient. This personal touch is what truly sets us apart and has made us the vet of choice to so many in Ocean Shores and the Grays Harbor area. Come on by – we can’t wait to meet you!

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    Physical Therapies That Can Support Your Dog’s Recovery

    Your Labrador retriever Jake is a real sport fanatic. This energetic dog can’t get enough of his fetch games, and he’ll happily retrieve his training dummy for hours. Right now, though, your canine athlete is stuck on the sidelines, mending after a leg injury. You’ve just … Read More »

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    Caring for Your Pet’s Eyes

    Pets communicate quite a bit through their eyes. Your dog may have fine-tuned the soulful expression most likely to get him extra tidbits at dinnertime, while your kitty might be equally expert at looking unimpressed. Monitoring your pet’s eye health is part of being a responsible … Read More »

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    Watch for These Abnormal Senior Cat Symptoms

    Your twelve-year-old cat Sally is an overgrown kitten. Sally loves playing with her cat toys and rolling over for belly rubs. On especially frisky days, Sally chases your Labrador retriever Buster down the hall, trying to banish this good-natured pooch from “her” territory. While Sally’s longtime … Read More »

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