At our clinic, you can expect to be treated like our most important asset. That’s because you are! From warm greetings to open communication to ongoing education and support, you’ll be included as the important part of your pet’s health care team that you are. And your four-legged family member can expect plenty of love and attention from us too, whether it’s an extra belly rub, a scratch behind the ears or a few extra treats to sweeten the deal. We want to make going to the vet a positive experience for everyone!

If you recently relocated to the Ocean Shores & Grays Harbor County area, have a newly adopted animal family member or you’re just tired of being treated like just another appointment on the books, we invite you to come give us a try!

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    Microchipping Your Cat or Dog

    You may have heard of pet microchips—they’re a very common way to keep your pet’s contact information on her at all times. Here, a Grays Harbor County veterinarian answers your most common questions about microchipping your pet. What’s a Microchip, Exactly? A microchip is a small … Read More »

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    How to Have a Safe Beach Day with Your Dog

    It sure can be a lot of fun to take your pooch along on a family beach day. It’s important to make sure your dog stays safe, though. Before heading out to enjoy the sand and waves, take note of your Ocean Shores vet’s tips, found … Read More »

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    Parasites Part 2

    I’m back, I’m back! I will bet many of you have been waiting for the sequel of this story! Last time I told you about those yucky roundworms and tapeworms. Now it is time for giardia and coccidia. Giardia (gee-AR-dee-ah) (that is for you humans, we … Read More »

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